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"Sojourner Truth" - ST020

It's a Sista Thing! cards are inspirational, humorous and spiritual cards portraying diverse African-American images while enhancing relationships between People of Color. These cards have connected with women in the U.S. and throughout the world as is apparent in the excited responses we've gotten. The Sojourner Truth card (right) was winner of the 2001 Louie Award in The Greeting Card Association's 13th annual International Competition.

What are people saying about
It's a Sista Thing!  cards?
"I love them! Thanks for the beauty. Someone finally got it right."
  - F. Gray, Omaha, NE
"Sistah, I am feelin' your cards."
  - A. Pinkney, Towson, MD
"Your cards are an answer to my
prayer for cards that reflect me."

  - H. Edgerton, Houston, TX
"They are the BOMB. You go girl, ... they are just what we need."
  - H. Young, Peoria, IL
"Beautiful cards. To the point, short and sweet."
  - T. Tapper, Queens, NY
"Your cards are so colorful and expressive, just as we are as women!"
  - P. McCollum, Atlanta, GA

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